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We offer one-stop services to design, manage projects and deliver house designs, neighbourhood master plans, urban design to shape communities, spatial designs for interior spaces and external outdoor spaces of dwellings.

We work with you to assess, identify and design the best possible living environment, structure and style. We want to define the real meaning of - “value-based living”.


Our Team includes one of the best specialists in the property development sector in New Zealand.

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Our current project responsibilities involve taking a lead planning, design and project management role in significant projects related to strategic growth planning, master planning and comprehensive housing development nationwide, for which we bring together project-based multi-disciplinary teams. The team members of Qbix have qualifications in architecture, planning, and project management. The lead property development specialist of the company has 33 years of professional experience as an architect/planner and urban designer.

We have extensive experience in project feasibility, planning, designing, stakeholder consultation, regulatory approval, and implementation of small to large scale medium-density housing and subdivision projects, including multi-million dollar urban development projects for large property developers throughout New Zealand.

Red Wall & Stairs

We are progressing towards a new planning system in New Zealand.

In December 2022, the New Zealand government has made the first significant amendment to the country’s principal planning legislation - the Resource Management Act. Since the introduction of this Act in 1991, during the last 20 years, no significant change has been introduced here. And finally, after many years of criticism and debate, it is changing now - not just a few provisions in it, actually the whole Act altogether. There are many things to digest and learn from this whole-scale change for academics, policymakers, and planning practitioners. 


But what about its effects on ordinary mum and dad - the general citizens of the country who are regularly hearing and facing many challenges in implementing their dream property development projects?  


If you need to know more - we are happy to help, and please contact us by sending us a quick e-mail using the button here. We have also included a separate button here, which you can click to go to a dedicated page of our website to hear more from us regarding these changes in relation to the Auckland Unitary Plan (AUP).



If you have any property development-related questions, need any clarification or have any particular project in mind, we are happy to help you. It does not matter how small or big is your project. We will be working with you based on your requirements.



We have extensive experience in various types of small to large-scale property development projects.

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