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We're a boutique design studio and are on a mission to offer our clients the best possible design services. The modern-day urban challenges include multi-layered limitations, constraints and opportunities. Unplanned urban growth is the biggest challenge for any urban dweller to accommodate their lifestyle. We need to make sure our cities and neighbourhoods and individual houses are equipped and designed to combat the possibility of this sprawled outgrowth. That is why the compact city model, or in other words, a walkable, self-sufficient neighbourhood, is at the forefront of city planners, designers and administrators. 


Residential design is the most challenging design process. Every family is unique, and their requirements can vary from one another. We believe a residential designer needs to understand the family's requirements and work with the family to deliver a spatial design and layout where they can enjoy and prosper in their daily life. We are driven to create basic residential amenities as high-quality products in a compact environment in this context. Qbix is fully committed to working with our client community while introducing innovation to achieve this residential outcome.

Our expertise ranges from designing on the micro to macro scale of the built environment, including residential dwellings, neighbourhoods and city precincts. You will find all spatial design disciplines with us, from statutory planning, urban design, site master planning, subdivision design, architecture, and landscape architecture under one roof.


We offer innovation in design. 


The design itself is an innovative process, but sometimes an over-simplified methodology or a lack of courage to think of new and fresh ideas could lead to a poor, mediocre design solution. In some cases, thinking outside the box or having a 'the sky is the limit' mindset is absent in many design projects. Every design brief is different, and every client's requirement is different. In this respect, a copy-paste or a cookie-cutter approach cannot be adopted to achieve a good design solution.


As a design studio, we, therefore, believe that a design cannot achieve the best possible solution for our clients without innovation or uniqueness.


We have equipped ourselves with extensive cross-disciplinary expertise over the last 30+ years to:

  • work with you,

  • listen to you and

  • offer a design solution


This will be tailor-made on a case by case basis to ensure innovation, whether for a house design or a neighbourhood layout, or a city master planning project.


We believe that a built environment design process is not purely guided by engineering formulas or AI algorithms. In our design book, there is no design formula. Every design project for us - starts from scratch.


We work with you, listen to you and offer innovative design solutions to ensure quality in your living environment.


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