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Hobsonville Air Field Precinct

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The feasibility investigation includes the development of an initial proposal for a sustainable urban village for the 21st century. It will accommodate primarily high-density residential with some mixed-use activities to comprehensively achieve a 'live-work-play' situation for its residents. It will accommodate several buildings with varying heights to offer a fine grain built-form. 


The project is planned to benefit from the existing amenity, landscape, and coastal values available within the surrounding urban environment. It is envisaged that the proposed development will complement and, wherever necessary, assist in enhancing the existing community facilities of the area. It will provide through-site public connections and connectivity to the area's existing walking and cycle tracks. The development proposal will identify these features as integral to supporting urban growth and residential liveability.


In this context, the project proposal for the site has the following objectives: 


  • Create a new, highly connected, compact neighbourhood offering a unique urban lifestyle.

  • Provide a mixture of residential uses, offering a vibrant culture and contemporary urban living.

  • Support amenities such as retail, shared workspaces, cafes, fitness/wellness facilities, and various resident communal spaces. 

  • Provide new walking and cycling routes connecting to the immediate surroundings.

  • Ensure appropriate public and private interfaces along various site frontages to offer an interactive and permeable built form for the proposed development.

  • Utilise solar orientation as effectively as possible in placing housing blocks and their associated outdoor spaces.

  • Apply additional building heights without creating amenity effects on neighbouring sites to achieve quality housing intensification close to amenities. 

  • Maximise immersion in and engagement with the neighbourhood and the surrounding context.

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