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Magnolia Holiday Home



The Qbix design team's dream project was to add additional outdoor amenity features to an existing Holiday Home owned by Qbix's sister organisation, Fuel2Grab. The holiday home called - Magnolia was initially created by converting an old commercial building. Magnolia is located in one of the best north-western suburbs of Auckland with a magnificent harbour and city view. The house is a popular destination for many local and overseas tourists and has become a viewing spot for the early morning sunrise over Auckland's harbour and city skyline. Many moonlit nights also become memorable for wedding parties.


About five years ago, Qbix undertook all the necessary internal remodelling and interior design works, including furniture arrangement, fixture selection and colour selection. Recently the design team has gone through extensive external remodelling work by adding multiple layers of the deck to enjoy the water view, outdoor seating areas, internal courtyard and additional outdoor spaces, including a spa pool, front yard landscaping and external bbq area. 

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