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Massey Housing



This is one of our latest housing design projects. Before embarking on its intriguing design journey, we had doubts about finding all the answers. We were unsure what resources would be best suited for this challenging design requirement. However, months of hard work provided us not only with the answers but also with new methods to help us explore the things which were more critical for the project. 


Tackling this design required breaking it into several phases. The most critical stage was outlining design goals and defining the site constraints and opportunities. Once these were in place, we developed several alternative design solutions. Then the final design solution with an excellent urban design outcome was tested successfully against a complex stormwater scenario, earthworks and building platform management and traffic solutions. Ultimately the final design also satisfied the client's requirements. 

The Qbix tasks include site planning, specific house designs for medium density and landscape proposal. We have also prepared the necessary resource consent applications (land use, subdivision and earthworks) and have undertaken the overall management of various resource management tasks and co-ordinating other specialist consultants' tasks.

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