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Newmarket Residence

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More or less, all of our design projects have unique stories behind them. This particular house design project was no exception. The design brief came from a young professional couple with three daughters who wanted to have a decent-sized house to accommodate their whole family in an area where they could find good schools and other services for their daughters. They wanted to build their first house from scratch. The young professional couple struggled to find a vacant site to build their architecturally designed house. Finally, they found a subdivided 400m2 site behind an existing large dwelling with enormously challenging contours beside a significant stream and gully in Newmarket. The suburb was expensive - in fact, it had one of the most expensive properties in Auckland. 

The Qbix design team has been approached with a design requirement for a 300m2 floor area of a house which could not take more than 50% of the site area due to the AUP's building coverage control. As a result, the design team considered a multi-level house where the split level house floors start from the ground level and then proceed levels below the ground level, following the land contours until it reaches its esplanade reserve boundary on the streamside.


As the client acquired the site at a relatively lower price, they could keep a decent building construction budget of around $1,00,000. The house design includes multiple stairs and one elevator to connect various living spaces, a stacked car parking garage with a turntable in front of the garage to ease the vehicle manoeuvring within a tight space. On top of standard house space, a home office, a home theatre and a gym were part of the design too to maximise family amenities and support their lifestyle.

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