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Omokoroa Development

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Hob Point-3.jpg


A master plan has been prepared for a development site in Omokoroa to demonstrate the subdivision possibility of the site. The project site is located in a new urban growth area where large scale residential projects are happening around where public-private joint venture initiatives are progressing to implement critical infrastructure projects, including critical local roads, stormwater channels and wastewater pump stations. In this context, the site owner was worried about his site’s development future as he was unsure how to integrate his site with surrounding infrastructure for the best development outcome. Qbix has been then engaged to explore a few site planning possibilities accommodating several different lot typologies, house typologies and roading arrangements for a vacant lot subdivision. The preferred site master plan was then presented to initiate the consultation process with the neighbours, which is still going on. Based on this consultation, a final master plan will be done to support the necessary subdivision consent application.

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