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Schnapper Rock Plan Change




A Plan Change has been determined as the best option to utilise the site appropriately for accommodating additional housing in a popular residential suburb in Auckland. Given the site's location close to transport infrastructure, including public transport and motorway connections, business parks, schools, and recreational and community facilities, the most efficient use of the land enables a mixed density of residential development than is enabled with the Large Lot zoning. We also considered alternative options such as seeking a non-complying activity resource consent for either freehold sites or a comprehensive form of urban development due to the proposal's defined site-specific nature. However, the Residential – Large Lot zone's objectives and policies, especially the Greenhithe Sub-precinct A overlay requirements, were not considered to provide sufficient flexibility to enable the anticipated mixed density type development on the site. A Private Plan Change request is, therefore, the best option.

The project brief includes:


  1. Review the suitability of the current zoning of the subject site and investigate options for rezoning the land; 

  2. Prepare an envisaged scheme plan and the relevant development framework; and

  3. Depending on the outcome of the zoning investigation and development framework, prepare a private Plan Change request to rezone the land under the Auckland Unitary Plan – Operative in part (AUP). 

Qbix has acted as the lead planning and urban residential development possibility advisor for this project, including preparing the Section 32 Evaluation Report and Planning Assessment and presenting the Planning Evidence at the hearing. We have also managed the whole plan change process, including other specialists' tasks.

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