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Takapuna Coastal Development



A coastal site in Takapuna required a feasibility investigation before undertaking its detailed design. The purpose of the feasibility study was to identify an outline of a future master plan for the site. The study has identified that the objectives of this concept masterplan vision are to :


  • Utilise a compelling set of urban design principles and place-making techniques to implement the proposed development.

  • Identify land use opportunities for a mix of high-density housing on the site in the form of mid to high rise apartments, hotels {with about 200 managed apartments and a hotel of 4 to 4.5 stars), market housing with a limited number of mixed-use facilities including cafe/restaurants, retail and other commercial spaces. The expected total gross floor area of various buildings within site is 70,000 sqm.

  • Confirm the overall bulk and location of various built forms within site.

  • Enhance the economic, social and environmental viability of the coastal edge of the site.

  • Ensure the proposed development's visual and aesthetic qualities, amenity, and liveability.

  • Effectively capitalise on opportunities and address likely constraints of the site.

  • Improve accessibility, connectivity and legibility for an integrated movement and open space network within site for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.

  • Ensure a staged development with flexibility in the subdivision and building block layouts.

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