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Takapuna Urban Village

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The project includes a flagship development of a reputed Auckland developer and forms a sustainable urban village of the 21st century. The village will be primarily a high-density residential development with a limited number of non-residential uses to achieve a 'live-work-play' situation for its residents. The development vision of the project is guided by a compressive master plan covering the whole site, and this master plan will be implemented in stages.


This land-use resource consent application relates to Stages 1 and 2 of the overall development proposal.


The site is surrounded on three sides by seawater and one side by a public road. The first stage of the development includes a visitor accommodation, and the second stage includes an apartment building with ground-level non-residential uses. The third stage of the development is currently going through a specific planning process to complete the master plan vision for the whole site.


A master plan of the site is developed to achieve the following design principles:


  • Ensuring quality intensification

  • Minimising environmental effects as much as possible

  • Ensuring manageable and staged implementation of an elaborate development proposal​

  • Accommodating more urban dwellers close to Auckland's coastal amenities

  • Maximising housing density close to public transport, employment bases and major urban centres

  • Ensuring the true nature of an urban village based on a robust urban design strategy​​

  • Reducing private vehicle dependency

  • Providing the highest possible public accessibility to Auckland's inner harbour

  • Protecting and enhancing the coastal environment and associated cultural values

  • Maximising engagement with nature and the surrounding context

  • Establishing a gateway to the Takapuna Metropolitan Centre

  • Utilising and supporting currently available and future planned public transit facilities and direct cycling and pedestrian accessibility.


We are responsible for managing all project planning and regulatory approvals, including obtaining all the necessary resource consent applications. We also manage all other specialists' tasks for various planning tasks and provide them with the necessary project briefs.

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