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Te Atatu South Development



The master plan is developed to accommodate 156 new residential dwellings, 60 freehold lots for 60 terraced housing units and a separate super lot to accommodate three 5-storey apartment buildings comprising 96 two-bedroom units. The proposed dwellings are distributed among two basic house typologies – which are 60 terrace units and 96 apartment units. For architectural and built-form variety purposes, these two basic house types have been further divided into twenty-one house types. 


The master plan of the development has been developed to achieve an efficient layout for the development by a clear separation of high apartment buildings in the middle from surrounding low-rise dwellings within and around the site. This separation is well defined by the central loop circulation route and associated parking and landscaped strips.


The master plan includes a private loop circulation route that includes both vehicular carriageway and pedestrian pathway to ensure connectivity. All on-site car and bike parking spaces are directly connected to this central traffic route. All dwellings, including three apartment buildings, are connected to the network. This central circulation corridor and two central communal spaces are all inter-connected and offer an integrated open space and movement network as the backbone of the proposed development. 

The Qbix tasks also include specific house designs for medium density lots. We have also prepared the necessary resource consent applications (land use, subdivision and earthworks) and have undertaken the overall management of various resource management tasks and co-ordinating other specialist consultant's tasks.

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