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Developmemt Plan -V1_TE KAUWHATA_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Te Kauwhata Development



The project owner is keen to develop a comprehensive housing development within a medium-density housing zone of the area beside a proposed town centre. The local housing market is still growing and has not yet established any built character. In this context, the project developer tried to investigate what type of housing typologies and associated lot layouts could fit there. The site has complex contours, and it is adjacent to a busy road where vehicle access restriction is in place. In this context, the Qbix team has undertaken site planning and, at the same time, a housing design exercise in consultation with the project engineer to establish level building platforms without extensive retaining structures. The developed master plan considered a combination of public roads and private access ways to enhance site accessibility, area connectivity, and permeability. The proposed house design specifically considers different lot typologies and their vehicular access arrangements.​

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