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West Harbour Residence



This spatial design involves Qbix's office and residence, where the team members also live. A lot of love, passion and excitement are associated with this design. Starting from a wooden cottage, the design transformation journey begins, and it still continues with the addition of layers after layers of spaces, amenities and features. 

The natural features, plants and flowers have played essential parts in combining the built environment with the natural environment. Seasonal variation of the visual appearance of plants, leaves, flowers and their branches and rotating sunlight penetration into various spaces allows the design team to think about and establish summer spaces, winter spaces, monsoon spaces, and spring and autumn spaces. Simultaneously, the spatial design of various spaces has created morning, afternoon, and evening spaces.

Natural wood has been used extensively inside and outside in this design. The natural, earthy colours also dominate the visual appearance of various surfaces. Seamless connection of indoor and outdoor spaces has been considered the critical spatial design principle. A semi-private front yard has been upgraded carefully with architectural features and details to establish an appealing streetscape presence of an 80s bungalow. At the same time, private rear outdoor space, a separate service courtyard and a dedicated and landscaped swimming pool area all together highlight the importance of outdoor space in this spatial design.

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